Formerly known as Gypsy, Noname may have changed her moniker but she hasn’t changed her style much.

And that style is very different than what you will get from many other female rappers/singers, especially those who are more mainstream.  Right from the start, with the track Yesterday, you get that her chosen way to ride the beat is to not ride it at all.  She seems to find perfect syncopation in her rhymes and vocals, even if it’s just a couple of milliseconds to the right of where you think she should be.  Not that she can’t march to the beat of the drummer.  Tracks like Diddy Bop and Reality Check show that she able to work with the production for something that zones the listener.  Most tracks find her bouncing effortlessly between the two styles, constantly leaving you guessing where she will go next and keeping you interested.

The overall arch of this freelease is unobtrusive consciousness; she talks about the usual thing on her tracks (love, making it her way, the hardships of the world), but it’s the way she approaches them that’s different.  The chill production of all the tracks aids that in an important way.  While a lot people would want he to get something a little more upbeat at times, the relaxed sound leaves the listener more open to receiving the message instead of immediately bouncing to the beat.

This will not connect with everybody but it’s the kind of diversity in hip-hop that a lot of people long for.

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