It’s been a while since we heard from K. Roosevelt when it comes to him fronting his own tracks.  The writer/singer/producer has been very busy over the course of the last couple of years doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes work for artists like Eric Bellinger and Jesse Boykins III.

Familiar Energy does feel familiar to listeners as it sounds like an updated K. Roosevelt track from Journey.  The pop/rock track is very short in that it consists of only a verse and the chorus (in fact, we’re not sure if this is meant to be an extended snippet or not), but it does get it’s point across.  He speaks of a woman that just wants to get straight to the point with no games and how something about her feels familiar to him–likely because she reminds him of himself.  Thanks to the singer’s vocal performance, which is lowkey and minimal, in combination with the guitar that dominates the track, this sounds a little something from Miguel as well.  What makes it work it work for him is that K. Roosevelt does have is own tone and inflections, which separates him from other artists and makes his work (when done by him) ring with resonance.  Worth a few listens as is; more if it expands to a longer track.

Now if someone could just find Preston Harris