Park Jang Hyun, Park Hyun Kyu, Lee Chan Dong, and Lee Hyun Seok.  Remember those names for when they finally break out because Vromance needs to be a thing.

She is a throwback-style track that allows this group to really show off their vocals and they do a better than average job.  Each member has a unique tone and can hold their own in both harmonies and lead vocals.  The lyrics for this are a little lame (at least, in the introduction sections), but this is their first solo track and it’s more important right now for them to get their names and abilities out there first, so we are a little forgiving.  The song is not the most exciting, but it is a good listen and is a great one for those who like vocals more than beats.

If there is one complaint that we have about Vromance it’s that their vocal richness still seems a little off.  The addition of a fifth member might help them fill out what sounds like an empty spot in the harmonies.  Either that or a song that allows them to get creative with their sound so that they don’t sound like their missing an element.

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