Our friend, WillCollection, wanted Fantasia to release a Beggin & Pleadin-style single; looks like he got his wish.

It’s something that has plagued women and men for as long as there have been relationships; the heard versus the head.  Fantasia is stuck between a rock and a hard place because the man that treats her well and gives her all the material comforts isn’t the one that her heart (and other parts) longs for.  So she’s lays it out in her single Sleeping With The One I Love.

This is the kind of song that the American Idol alum’s voice was made for.  Her rough and bluesy tone brings the emotions of this track to the forefront and grips the listener.  The lyrics on this are solid as well, being relatable by not being simplistic, fitting the theme.  The production, which does have a blues center but pulls back on some of the elements to brighten up the sound, gives the song personality and supports the vocals without being the main focus.  Anyone who was disappointed with So Blue my find this more to their liking.

The visual has the songstress playing multiple parts in a Chicago/Orange Is The New Black jail setting, pouring her pain out to…herself.

Fantasia’s next album, The Definition Of…, comes out July 29 and is available for preorder now.