Mila J sampled this track for her latest single, but this song is one of those that many people know and just have no idea where it comes from.

From their Light Of The World album, released in 1974, this may be far away from what a lot of eighties babies may think of when they here the name Kool and the Gang.  The sexy and chill jazz instrumental is one of those songs that draws you in from the moment it starts playing thanks to the slow build from the intro that continues throughout.  It’s also appropriately named because it does sound like a cool and fun summer night when the hormones start to get to you.  It is enhanced by the swooping and rising synth that begins and ends the track that has become its signature and the thing that many artists have sampled throughout the years.

Nineties and Noughties babies may recognize this track from another source…Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtrack.  Featured on the Fever 105 station in-game; this was the one that many people waited to come around again to ride out to.