Mila J just released the her 213 EP and it’s definitely fit for summer.  But one thing you will notice about it is that a few of the tracks are from the various mixtapes she has released in the last year (get them while you can; they are slowly being removed from various free streaming and download sites).  In fact, the first single from the set is from November’s The Waiting Game.

Kickin’ Back is a very chill track that samples Kool and The Gang’s Summer Madness to bring in the California vibe.  The thrust of the track, that it is one of those beautiful days where you’re not letting anything bother you and you just have fun with your people, is a far better fit for the summer season than the winter season it was released in.  Mila’s vocals are nice mix of traditional singing, trap&B, and some solid bars that match the mood of the song.  The lyrics are actually pretty good with strong metaphors and illusions that work with the theme (like being in airplane mode), but not so over the top with them that they kill the relatable atmosphere.

The opening of the video, as well as many of the outfits, are inspired by Janet Jackson’s You Want This visual from her Janet album.