Has Keke Palmer put out a sex song before?  If not, she has now.

Keke Palmer isn’t letting anything slow her down or stop her from getting what she wants.  The singer has been releasing music pretty consistently for years now and each new song/mixtape shows her growing into her own in terms of style and vocals.  Yellow Lights isn’t any different as it shows something new from Palmer in terms of delivering convincing performances on a different themes.  And her vocals are the highlight; as the production is toned down to give a more seductive air, it’s on Palmer to be the driving force to this track and she does so well.

The lyrics here are solid with deeper meanings than you might think at first listen.  While running all these yellow lights to get to you doesn’t immediately make sense (you can drive through most yellow lights), you realize as you listen that she means emotion caution signs as she continues to pursue a physical relationship with the man in question.  The other line that stood out is when she says she can’t wait to get up in it (it changes to I can’t wait ’til you’re up in it when the chorus repeats), which is not usually a phrase you hear from a woman in reference to a man.  While it sounds like a mistake at first, you realize she’s talking about the emotion and actual act of lovemaking, that she can’t wait until she can experience the range of sensations that he gives her.  It’s good songwriting in that it doesn’t hit you over the head with a deeper theme, but doesn’t shy away from one either to make the song more palatable.  Very nice, Keke!

There’s also a video the multi-slash artist tweeted out to her followers that you can see below the player.  We don’t think it’s a good a embodiment of the song (unlike Enemiez, which told a story), but it’s not awful and is a nice homage to Aaliyah’s 4 Page Letter.