Keke Palmer has returned with new music and, at 22-years-old, she has definitely grown up.  Enemiez is a solid song about wanting to be with the person you adore so badly that you would rather be their enemy than their friend (I know you keep friends close/I know you keep your enemiez closer).  Lyrically, this song is pretty solid with sexually-charged lines being ebbed by good metaphors and a strong adherence to theme.  The production is good with a nice balance of multi-genre elements, though the EDM elements make it sound a little dated at times.

Vocally, Jeremih seems to disappear halfway through the track, perhaps a sign that this collaboration was at one time a solo.  There is also the fact that he and Palmer share a similar vocal range on the song thanks to him employing his falsetto a little more often.  While this probably would have worked a little better if there had been a baritone or bass vocal included, Palmer and Jeremih do a good job.

The video is a step above what you would normally see for a buzz single as there is a coherent storyline to match the track’s theme and it contains some nicely acted sections (of course) featuring Palmer and the supporting cast.

We don’t know if this will lead to an album or another freelease, but we hope this is connected to something more.