Esbee is somewhat new to the k-R&B scene, but his second single is worth noticing for both his vocals and the fact that it features veteran duo As One.

Our understanding of the lyrics is very rudimentary, but it seems that the song is expressing that the person is question is refreshing to him because they’re so different than the others around them.  Esbee’s vocals are nice match for the smoothness of the production, but not so much that they have you falling asleep.  As One doesn’t do much here, but they provide a vocal counterpoint in the right places that keeps the song from going flat.  The effect is something that you may not want to listen to all the time, but something you definitely vibe out to.

Sidenote: We’re taking note of the abrupt end of the track and writing it off as a cut before it leads into the next song on the album.

We’ll have lyrics for you as soon as possible.