A lot of people don’t know it, but Fantasia’s little brother Ricco also tried out for American Idol at the same times as her and didn’t make it.  And while you can make the argument that his voice isn’t as good as hers, you can’t make the argument that he sounds bad.  One listen to his new joint freEP with rapper Tigo B will assure you of that.

This isn’t either artist first mixtape (check LiveMixtapes for Barrino’s work and DatPiff for Tigo’s), but the combination of the two has us listening in a new way.  Barrino has a rough vocal style, similar to that of Tina Turner, where core vocals almost always sound like sandpaper (in a good way) and Tigo B has a trap style of rap, but is not as rough as a lot of other rappers in the genre and also has the ability to stay on pitch without an overabundance of autotune.  The result is a fun and sexy set of songs that, while not bringing anything particularly new to the table in the lyrics or production front, don’t hinder the desire to groove and rock to the track playing.

Our favorite track is U Ain’t Shit with title track Vibes and CNN battling out for second (the SWV sample of You’re Always On My Mind has CNN edging, though).

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