If you follow him on Twitter, you may have noticed that Midnight has been pretty politically active this season.  We found it interesting that he, along with The Internet, have gotten together to put that political expression into music when so few artists are willing to make that leap, especially on potentially unpopular opinions.

This song really seems to center around the idea of Manifest Destiny and how the idea of American Exceptionalism often makes Americans feel as though they have a right to prosperity, even above the prosperity of others.  It flirts with the adage that “history is written by the winners” and reminds us how often our history is sanitized for younger generations.  While many may not find this to be patriotic, he is expressing something that has been a complaint of non-represented American people for a long time.

Aside from the message, the track has the amazing distinction of just being a smooth listen.  Midnight and The Internet did this track in his style of music and really made it a bit of a slow jam.  This could have easily been turned into a bedroom banger, but the fact that they went a more conscious route and made it work is very respectable.

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