We know Snow Tha Product; we’ve been posting on her for a minute.  It seems, though, that the wider industry is steady sleeping on her talent and she is tired of it.  Starting off with her not being chosen for the XXL Freshman Class cover over the R&B element (for those that don’t know, XXL is primarily a hip-hop magazine) and going on to just how she separates herself from other female artists in the game, this is a more serious Snow that we are seeing here.  Before, most of her song have had that element of fun to them, even when she was bragging about herself.  This time she’s bringing in the heavy bass and a dark production to let you know that she is serious about this and she is not going to let others define her path.

Despite the change in production style, though, Snow’s lyricism stays intact as she drops solid punchlines and her flow is impeccable.  One of the things that usually shows how well an artist can actually rap is how well they handle diverse beats; rappers are no different.  Unlike so many of her contemporaries, the femcee manages to switch things up and not lose the listener’s interest, showing an ability that some rappers with ten-times her promo would kill for.

The track also include quotes from various sources like Problem and the XXL cover editor about her and the fact that she is something to hear, even if you don’t hear from her as much as you should.