Maurice Moore is on a roll and he shows no signs of stopping with his two new tracks.

The first track, The Feels, will get your feels going from the second the track starts.  About Moore seducing his lady in both words and actions, but not explicitly sexual way.  The song feels like a good date; with Moore and his lady doing things like kissing and talking about the things on their mind.  It’s the kind of song that speaks more like a relationship builder than a one-night stand.  Moore’s vocals are excellent, some of the best he’s done, as he keeps a good tone while traversing the scales with ease.  Produced by TheAuracle and Sober Rob, the tracks rhythm has a nice thump to it that keeps with a seductive masculine tone, but has a gentleness in the underlying melody that helps the theme of making oneself vulnerable to love.  It’s a strong track overall and we can see it gaining a lot of buzz as the summer wears on.

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The second track, Awesome, feels like a continuation of the first track in that the relationship of the two has progressed to the point that they willing to commit to one another exclusively.  The happy vibe of the Krs. production is in congruity with the track and just reminds you of a someone who’s found new love and has the glow about them.  The song is pretty straightforward lyrically, but that line in the chorus, my bae is fucking awesome, says so much in so little space and is so relatable.  Moore vocals, again, are strong and add to the bump of the beatwork by blending when needs and riding above it at other times like a pro.

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