A few month ago, we reposted Abel Miller’s Your Love to our SoundCloud stream and, even though we couldn’t find anything substantive to say about the track overall to write a post about it, we did like it and noted the production was one of the main reasons that the song had so much life to it.  So imagine our surprise when Michelin Shin, the producer, sent us this.

This is just a head-nod.  From the moment the track starts, there’s that balance between rough bass and more gentle melodies that makes an instrumental work for more than one type of song.  There’s a ton of variation and nuance in the undertones to make it non-repetitive and allows for a singer or rapper to do interesting things in their performance without using an overused beat switch-up.  The mood of the track, while not quite urgent, does have a hypeness to it that will make you move a little faster.  And, despite the fact that this was likely not meant to stand alone, it’s solid enough to be great as a listen without any vocals.

Click the arrow in the player to download this track for free; shin is giving you cart blanche to do what you want with it.