We’ve never really had any doubt in Bobby Brackins’ abilities as a producer; his beats are consistently good and his style is perfect for party jams, which is what he tends to stick to.  What made us a little hesitant to listen to this album is that, more often than not, we’re not interested in the artists he tends to team with.  With the exception of Mila J, Tinashe, and Chris Brown, most of the singers that contribute vocals to his tracks don’t have enough performance personality to get us into the tracks.

This isn’t the case with To Live For.  While Brackins takes the lead as the rapper for every track, the features are strong and many of them are deserving of remixes that allow people like Ty Dolla $ign to take full control.  The fact that this is club music comes through loud and clear, but the tracks are not lyrically stupid and maintain an air of fun that makes them ear candy.

Not that this is phenomenal set.  Brackins has a little too much beat similarity between tracks that he produces alone, especially Yaya, My Jam, and Joy Ride, to make this set good for a straight sit-and-listen (the tracks work as one-offs with other songs for other producers between them, though).  Also, Brackins’ rapping leaves something to be desired as his tone just doesn’t really match every track.

Our favorite tracks are Faithful, Yaya, and If You Only Knew.

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