So…Tao’s L.A. team just knows errbody?

Continuing his string of videos that have noteworthy actor and directors, Z.Tao now throws in a pretty noteworthy feature by getting Wiz Khalifa to guest on his latest single.

Hello, Hello has a mixture of languages as Wiz’s verse and the chorus are English and Z.Tao does his verses in what we believe Mandarin (if someone knows for sure, let us know).  The point of the song is that, as he blows up in the industry, Tao is leaving the woman he loves behind to further his own dreams.  It’s an interesting take on fame, but the concept seems to be either similar to or a continuation of the last song we posted about him, Reluctantly.

Wiz’s verse can initially be taken as being the flipside of Tao’s more morose characterizations of a life of fame and excess but, given his past features (and even his own songs), we’re more inclined to think that Wiz just did his own verse independent of the meaning of the rest of the song.  Still, the fact that it vaguely relates deserves some credit.

This is the first single from Z.Tao’s upcoming album, The Road.  No word as to whether it will be all new material or just a compilation of all the singles he has released over the last year.

Hit the [CC] button in the player to see the translated (English) lyrics.