Dear God…thank you for this lush beauty.

It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since Corinne Bailey Rae dropped The Sea, the follow-up to her critically acclaimed self-titled debut, in the aftermath of the tragic death of her first husband.  While that album was good, there was something so sad in it (understandably) and the songstress seemed to be holding back as if blanketed by her grief.  Now she has made a full fledged return after healing her pain and finding new love and she is showing it off through her music.

The song seems to have two meanings.  The first is based around a moment when, while enjoying the beauty of nature, Rae and her paramour are overtaken by romantic urges.  The second, deeper meaning is that the most rapturous thing to her is the natural effortlessness of the love that she shares with her man.  It’s a beautiful message that is highlighted by the flowing imagery of the visual.

What really makes this song shine is the fact that the vocals have such an understated quality to them.  She’s doing lovely adlibs and hitting sweet high notes with her smoky tone, but the way her voice floats just above the surface of the soulful production really does make it feel like she’s making love to us with her performance.  It’s so effortlessly sensuous that you can’t help but to get shivers and fall in love within the first few bars.

This single comes from her upcoming album, The Heart Speaks In Whispers, coming out Friday (May 13).