R.LUM.R’s new track shows his vulnerability when it comes to relationships.

The easiest part of the track to address is the vocals. R.LUM.R’s singing style is fairly laidback in that he doesn’t rely on runs and adlibs to give his songs dimension.  While that has the potential to make them boring, he manages to inject enough emotion to make the listener really pay attention and focus in on the content of the track.  He shows an ability to balance craft and construction that is sometimes lost in the push for bangers and big hits.

The really interesting thing about this song is the lyrical content; it could be conveying two different situations.  We initially thought that this track was about a man whose lover had left him feeling lost after giving him one last night of passion.  After a few listen, we started to think that this a relationship that was initially based in the sexual and now, for him, things have changed.  The wording of the lyrics works for either, especially on the chorus, conveys the desire of the singer to have the woman he loves come back to him and tell him that the feels are either still there or the same as his.  It’s well-written tracks like this that really make connections with listeners because they can read into it what they want and not be wrong.

This is a solid track and well worth several listens.

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