Jake&Papa have regrets about leaving themselves open for hurt by letting their guard down with someone who they probably should have known was no good.  We’ve all been there.  Warning Signs is a nice track that shows that side of the modern, male artist that we are happier to see more of…the vulnerable side.  The two tell the woman in question that they feel she is essentially empty inside and that it was fairly obvious that it wasn’t going to work from the beginning.

The brotherly duo do a great job with the minimalist styling for the vocals on the track.  While there are harmonies throughout, there is minimal layering and the lead vocals don’t depend on extended runs or adlibs.  The lyrics are fairly straightforward, although some inference is needed to get the full thrust of the track.

The biggest issue with the track is that if feels incomplete.  After two verses and the chorus being repeated, the song just goes into an extended instrumental.  While we do like the acoustic guitar over the entrancing League of Starz production, it does feel like there should be more lyrics there to help fill out the runtime.  Still, it’s a good track and worth a few listens.

This track appears to a prequel to their upcoming project, Dark Scale Blues, the lead single of which is due out sometime next month.