Brittany B. is not slowing down.  Her latest EP is only a few months old and she is already on to the next movement.

Her new track, Heavy, goes right along with that EP in tone and subject matter.  About those feeling that you have when you discover that a person hits all the right spots with you (in a non-sexual way), it really kind of focuses on where the two of you go from there.  The production of the track is a nice balance of modern slow jam and old-school romantic with lush harmonies with a rolling drum machine and what sounds like a Konghou filling out the melodies.

And while we tag that You know I’m down to ride/Just like Bonnie and Clyde line for the same reason we do everyone who doesn’t use the crime duo’s name in a codependent, self-destructive way, the rest of the lyrics are solid.  It’s straightforward in a way that works with the theme of the song, but doesn’t try to include that sass or cuteness that so many try to interject when a female singer does this in order to mitigate the power of the words.  Worth more than a few listens.

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