Army; prepare!

The third installment of the BTS EP series comes out in just over a week and they have already released a new trailer/single for it.  Sounding like the final track that’s performed at the end of a concert (especially the crowd chanted chorus at the end), the group speaks about how the highs that they are experiencing right now can’t last but they can take that spirit into everything they do.

J-Hope (at least, we’re pretty sure that’s him) does the majority of the rapping on this track and adds a lot of energy to a track that could have easily slipped into sleepy ballad territory.  The production itself almost creeps into power rap ballad territory as it showcases an R&B feel with heartier drums mixed with a little rock attitude in the crispness.

It is the perfect song for their series to go out to and, of course, we’ll let you know when the EP drops.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.