Well, hello again, Up10tion!

Since their debut last year, we kind of lost track of this group.  While Dangerous was okay and showed some potential for growth, we weren’t overly impressed by the group and their second mini album release primarily left us cold.

But this track right here, son; this track right here…

The pop&B production is an attention grabber from the start as it chooses to meld the bright horns with the more lowkey elements of acoustic guitar and get rid of the synth elements that would normally be in a track like this.  As we are starting to differentiate the sound of each member’s vocals, we will say that the harmonies are a little light considering the number of members, but fuller than their first single.  Despite that, they sound invested and serve as the driving force behind the track’s energy despite the bright beatwork.

They also took care of or primary bug with Dangerous, the lyrics.  This song makes since even with the cultural differences that come with how a guy begs for attention from his crush (can come off as possessive if you don’t understand the culture) and it conveys a clear line of thinking.  While it falls apart a little at the ending breakdown, this has to be the best track that the group has put out so far and will–hopfully–garner them more attention for their overall efforts.

Hit the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.