Terry, Cindy, and new(ish) member Rhona are back with probably one of the most promising En Vogue singles to come along in years.

With a throwback sound and fairly solid harmonies, the ladies sing about seeing a man on the street and having them cross their minds all day long from then on out.  This song kind of reminded us of something of Solange’s Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams album with the doo-wop vocals and production.  The lyrics are pretty simple but not overly simplistic and communicate what they intend fairly well.

Vocally, if you’re look for the En Vogue of Born To Sing, Funky Divas, or even EV3 you’re not going to it.  The numbers and powerhouse membership just aren’t there anymore, but this doesn’t mean the song should be ignored.  Coming at this from the current crop of female singing groups, they still have a fuller sound than most.  It’s not a song for everyone as it doesn’t take much from modern production styles, but there is an audience out there for it.