R.LUM.R. seems to have had it with his lover’s back and forth games and is just ready to call it quits on his own terms.  She always tells him that she can do with out him and, apparently, threatens to leave when she doesn’t get her way and he has had it.  Her threats mean nothing anymore and are really Nothing New.

The dark and pulsing alt. R&B/pop beat gives this track that extra boost of emotional resonance that makes it work with the singer’s performance.  The tone of his vocals say that this is just the way it is, but the beat says that there is anger just below the surface.  The use of autotune on the verses is a little off-putting at first, but it makes the robotic nature of their relationship come through, especially when it drops out on the chorus when he finds his voice and is ready to break free.

It’s a track that ends up saying a lot in its short runtime and is a nice listen.  Worth checking out.

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