Kelly Rowland has teamed up with the brands like Bacardi, Caress, TW Steel, and Jaguar, but her latest spokeswoman deal with Seagram’s has also given way to new music.

Gimme Love does fall in that void that American commercial tracks tend to live in; fairly solid overall but dialed back to appeal to a wider audience.  The production will remind some of 90’s dance tracks with the melody being piano-based instead of synth-based, but it feels like something is missing from the sound it feels a little empty.  Rowland’s vocals go a long way to make up for that feeling, but she can only do so much with the monotonous beat.  The lyrics are simple and reflect the party mood that most liquors try to set in their commercials.  You could easily see the commercials featuring this track being set in a lakeside faux-tiki bar at sunset/sunrise as people dance around and someone falls in love.  Great for selling; maybe not so great for general listening.

There will likely be a video for this (that will or won’t feature Rowland), so stay tuned to see how things develop for this track.