This is not what we were expecting from Mishon.

We’ve been watching Mishon’s SoundCloud account because he’s been posting a combination of new and cover tracks that we were sure were going to turn into some kind of freelease.  Instead, he completely flips it on us and gives us an entire project of all new music that

The interesting thing that we get from this set is that, despite the title making it seem like this is just a disparate collection of songs that he had in the vault and decided to let go, there is actually a story being told here.  We start with Mishon meeting a woman and progress through the possible development of a relationship (or a situationship) as the spend more time together.

This is strategically vocal EP.  Mishon is more than capable of going all out on run and octave changes and making is seem like it’s nothing, but he dials is back at times here to better get the point of the song across and it is much appreciated.  It never gets boring, though, and not feeling the need to show out actually gets across the encompassing theme of the entire project.  The set is also lyrically strong without being inaccessible and feels like the kind of musical storytelling that can be hard to come by.

The production on the tracks can be a little hit or miss, but mostly because some of them just don’t match the singer’s enthusiasm in sections.  Despite that, though, it’s still highly enjoyable.

BTW, about three-fourths of the way through Call Me, that’s not your phone; that’s the track.