One of the biggest complaints that a lot of people have made about some of Lil Kim’s most recent track drops has been that it feels like she’s playing catch-up with a younger generation and abandoned what made her so appealing in the first place.  While Lil Kim Season is by no means perfect, it goes a long way towards making us feel like the Queen B is on the road back to us.

The most standout thing about this set is how much Kim switches up her flow from song to song.  While it can initially sound like she is biting a flow, she changes things up enough to make every track her own.  It really feels like she’s updating her style instead of just trying to not to drown in the surge of new rappers on the come up.  Most of the tracks are easy on the ears and it’s not hard to make your way through the entire set with a minimum of skipping.

There are few downsides, though.  Blow A Check seem to go on forever and doesn’t really feel like Kim’s track as much as it does whoever the uncredited feature’s.  Same for Did It For Brooklyn; it’s hype, but it is basically still a Maino track.  The production can get a little monotonous at times as it’s mostly very dark and similar in beat.  Some of her punchlines are weak and don’t quite connect (a common problem for a lot of emcee’s, but nobody gets a pass) and her subject matter isn’t very varied.  Still, for a set meant for fun, it could be way worse and the effort that she puts in shows.

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