Rapper/singer is tired of being single and she’s just looking for somewhere–and someone–to give her feeling of safety…something like Home.

Vocally, this song is a little hit or miss with the sections where Tink tries to stress her vocals into a growl coming off false and overworked while the sections where she just lets her natural sound flow sound far better and resonate more.  The production ends up being brighter than it initially comes off adding a hopeful bent to the theme of looking for that special someone, making it feel like she knows that person is out there instead of giving up.  The lyrics are pretty straightforward but have some nice metaphors like Move you ex up out the passenger/I’m not concerned ’bout what you had with her to spice things up.

While it’s not the best song she has put out in recent memory, it’s worth a few listens and might give us an idea of what to expect from her next project.