Ambré Perkins is letting it be known that she is ready to get this romance show on the road and that she is worth any pain that might come your way.

Taking a lyrical sample from Aaliyah’s Are You That Somebody, she makes her case to a potential lover about all that he can expect from being involved with her.  It’s a surprisingly vulnerable song considering the title.  You would think it would be all about bragging about her sexual ability but, instead, she talks about a relationship and how the balance of joy and pain will come with involvement.

Her vocals are nice match for the theme, though a little subdued in the face of a bumping Soufwest production.  It can be a little hard to focus in on the softness of her tone with the production pulling the other way.  As she has a tendency to gravitate towards the slower beats, we understand her wanting to switch things up, but this may have been a little too much.  It’s still a good song, though, and worth a few listens.