It seems like Jean Deaux switches it up every time we hear from her.  Last year, when we thought that Soular System, Vol. II was on its way, we got the taste of music that had a soulful, jazzy mood to it.  Her latest track is falls more towards the deep house realm as she sings and spits over an electronic yet soulful beat.

While the song seems to be about her working against time to make her mark on the world (we say “seems” because there are sections of the song that fit into the same theme but don’t match some of the previous sections) and not getting sidetracked, there is only the slightest hint of seriousness here.  Instead it makes it seem like her grinding day in and day out is fun and she can’t wait to get back to it instead of dealing with men who might distract her.  Her vocals are still soft but strong as she never does runs but always adds that little something in her tone that keeps the song from getting boring.

The star of the track, though, is the Tim Suby beat that switches tempo, rhythm, and melody without seeming like three minutes of audio chaos.  It’s the kind of production that is an entity unto itself and is likely the reason that Deaux goes easy on the vocals as adding too much would have been overkill.

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