Singer Yuna has teamed up with Usher for a track that reeks of sweetness.  Crush is the kind of song that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of bangers and bedroom jams because it focuses on a moment that is so fleeting…the possibilities of new love.

The lyrical edge that this song has over many modern songs like it is that it doesn’t focus on the sexual aspects of the potential relationship.  It adheres to the fears of the past meshing with hopes for the future of a relationship.  That isn’t to say that the song isn’t sensual as both Usher and Yuna employ gentle tones over a minimal but happy production that end up sounding like to people whispering to each other in loving tones.

Yuna is by no means an unknown in the industry, but she has never really gotten her due primarily because the music she does is a lot more soul-centered (in both the genre and affirmation sense) and it just isn’t the kind of music that has been getting a lot of airplay…or, at least, it wasn’t.  The rise of Alt. R&B has made artists who made sometimes slower, more introspective music more visible to wider audience.  Here’s hoping this is the songstress’ chance to really shine.

Yuna’s new album, Chapters, is expected to be released May 20 and will also feature the Jhené Aiko-assisted Used To Love You.