It can be difficult to not have someone to love you sometimes.  Kirby understand that feeling and her new song, Loved By You, will strike the heart of even the most ardently single person.

At first, this song sound like it will be a sweet ode to a man from a woman who always felt that she would be alone but, as the first verse continues, you realize that the songstress is a person reaching out for just a little bit of human warmth to feel alive again.  The realization that this isn’t a specific ode and that the man she’s talking to could very well be just some random guy she met recently adds a somberness to the track as well as making it a realistic piece of modern human drama.

Kirby’s vocals are raw on this song (and completely without autotune) as her tone wavers and fluctuates with the beat without ever losing hold of the melody.  She conveys a sense of desperation and vulnerability in her tone that works to drive home the theme of the track and she never over uses it. The minimal production adds to the lonely feeling as the single, acoustic instrumentation and bare harmonies make you feel like you’re listening to someone who’s tired of being alone.  The song is well written to not be too sad but still get the point across that this is not a traditional love song.