Yes; this song is about what you think it’s about.

On the surface, this track appears to be about a couple finding some alone time together after a hectic week of dealing with the obligations of children and family.  By the end, though, while he might have tried to veil the meaning of this track from ears that aren’t paying close attention, the veneer is so thin that it’s unlikely to fool anybody.

Still, the track is deductive and sexy, especially from a female perspective due to the fact that there are few men who are willing to put themselves out there like this.  His vocals sound orgasmic as he easily transitions from falsetto to tenor to bass and back again.  The lyrics, as said before, have slight metaphors in them but really aren’t fooling anybody.  But it’s the kind of track that the singer’s fans look to him for and he is one of the few who can make it work so well.  One listen and you’ll be hooked.

This is the first single from his upcoming project, A Decade Of Love King, due out sometime this year.