Kevin Cossom is one of those consistently underrated singer/producers in the game.  His work is always pretty high end with a fairly distinct sound that separates him from a lot of his contemporaries and he pretty good voice for that makes him a lot easier to listen to than a lot of other producers who decide to record their own vocals.  For some reason, thought, he just can’t seem to catch fire.

His latest freelease set may not change things in that regard, but it will satisfy those fans who already love him.  Hovering between R&Bass and trap&B, this is a sonic journey that is both smooth and chaotic in its production style (hence the title, Grey Area).  There elements of that OVO sound that have been teamed with his own style and added to beats that have combinations of elements that, when combined, make the album flow well from track to track without making the songs sound repetitive.  Sometime a vocal can come out of nowhere, like Gio Störm’s on South Beach, when the songs had a flowing quietness about it.  There are verbose intros that settle into a style that seem completely disconnected, like on Trouble.  Add to that lyrics that swing from brash and full of boasts to stream of consciousness to gentle (sometimes within the same song) and you get a project that is more complex than it might seem over its short runtime.

You can download the tracks individually by clicking the arrow in the player or in one package by clicking the button below it.

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