We almost missed this one.

Jermaine Riley is one of those artists that you really do have to keep track of.  Not too long after he gave us The Cape Tape, he embarked on a twenty week project called #TheWeekness where he would deliver one new track a week from summer to winter.  The ending result has now been compiled into a playlist.

While all the tracks have that Riley vibe to them, there is a nice variation in production and switch-up in style mixing to make all the songs interesting to listen to.  Where there is an overuse of autotune a many of the songs, it’s not overwhelming to the point where his voice loses its natural charm.  The lyrics are pretty good for the consistent output with only mild deviations here an there from theme.

While he’s not the first artist to do this kind of project, we have to say that his is one of the longest and most consistent for one that wasn’t already compiled (behind the scenes) into a pay release.

You can download the tracks individually through the player or in one package by clicking the button below it.

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