Myriah Lynnae isn’t waiting for anything to be handed to her; she is willing to go out there and get it.

While the tracks is cut off at the end because (it seems) it was meant to flow into another track on her upcoming project, Lynnae does a good job of laying it out her path to success.  The production has a dark edge to it, but there is still a brightness there that is due in large part to the addition of the songstress’ harmonizing vocals.  Her delivery on the main vocal track is not quite the monotone, not-quite-rap style that is has become a hallmark of modern music; she adds in enough variation to get a real feel for her vocal ability and the smokiness inherent in her tone.  The lyrics are personal in a relatable way as she spends most of the song recounting how her mother taught her what it means to work hard and, despite the short runtime, she packs a lot in.

This is the first single from her upcoming EP, EtherealEp.