WillCollection Recommends will be a series of articles that will consist of EPs, mixtapes, and albums.  The criteria that I use to make a recommendation is that I fully listened to the project and enjoyed at least half of the records on the project.  This series  will not be in-depth album reviews but, rather, a list of my general thoughts about the project and the specific WillCollections from the project I enjoyed.

Kristinia DeBarge’s Thinkin Out Loud is a solid R&B offering.  The EP has standout tracks such as Hol’ On Boy, where she lets her man knows who’s boss when he tries to trip, and Ricky Bobby, one of those heart pulling relationship introspective tracks that everyone can listen to.  The EP consists of eight records and secured my recommendation by having exactly four records that I feel are outstanding.

The EP is available to stream on Spotify and all other major music streaming service.

Note from Kel: I have to point out that the majority of the tracks in this EP were released as a part of DeBarge’s New Music Mondays last year.  Because none of the tracks were available (legally) for free, it’s a good chance to get your hands on some of the best tracks from the series, but don’t walk into this thinking that you’re getting new material.

WillCollection Tracks
Hol’ On Boy
Ricky Bobby


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