We haven’t heard from Kyle Dion since he dropped Sixes and Sevens in 2014 year, but it appears to have been worth the wait.

The singer told Nylon magazine that “The inspiration came from me trying to create and get content out there for my fans, fast. I wanted to give them this project ASAP and with that felt a little pressured of time, and then I realized… What is time really?”  There is something to that as being more concerned about putting out the best work you can sometimes take a backseat to scheduling.  What we really like about this track is that Dion takes what was a self-revolving concept and expands it so that others can relate to it, making us all consider taking our time.

Beside the concept, the production is expertly done and finds a place that a lot of alt. R&B doesn’t; up-tempo.  Had this had a darker tone, the song might have sounded more ominous in its message, but the upbeat tone of the track helps to push the feeling that taking a little time isn’t a bad thing.

Topping it off is Dion’s vocals, which are dynamic and pleasure to listen to.  His easy switches between falsetto and normal tones make this track what it is and add play off the beatwork well.  In an era where monotone seems to be the preferred style for a lot of male singers, this is something great to hear.