Never let it be said that Rico Love rest on his laurels; less than a year after the release of his album, Turn The Lights Off, he has released enough (free) material for another project.

The song starts off sounding like a slow, remorseful track that seems to have the singer/rapper/producer recounting all the things that he’s done to hurt this woman in their relationship and wanting to fix it.  What comes next makes the song distinct but could also derail it for some listeners is the chorus.  After the contrite first verse, he caps it off with the lines Please/Just don’t fuck none of my niggas.  The song kind of descends into an oddly misogynist plea that comes off similar to Hotline Bling; it doesn’t matter what a man does in a relationship as long as the woman doesn’t do the same going as far as having Love admit to his lady catching him flirting with her best friend.  The Pusha T verse goes a step farther and implies her sexual dalliances are what would prevent them from getting back together.

While we hope that the theme is done tongue-in-cheek, we have our doubts due to how common this is in modern R&B and hip-hop.

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