I’ll be the first to say that I have high hope for Pretty Brown (assuming their as new as we think).  They have some nice voices, interesting song concepts, and good harmonies.  Our biggest complaint is that their production is on the generic side, but that could change with more attention.

Their latest track really got us with its concept.  With the gentlemen taking on the role of a hopeful lover, they take the interesting route of playing up how much their love interest’s boyfriend love her and reassures her that he’s not cheating on her.

This track can be taken one of two ways.  The first is at face value; a guy who loves a girl and is content (most times) to be by her side as a friend.  The second, and more devious, take is that they are playing the role of the goody-two-shoes love interest that is planting the elements of discord (that line about telling not telling her boyfriend that they were together made us give the side-eye) only to come in a mop up the mess he has created.  Either way, it’s nice that such a new group has a song that can make you debate their motive in it.  It shows a good grasp of songwriting.

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