Giriboy is a hard one to pin down on the Korean hip-hop scene.  Some of his most popular verses tend to be on the more poppy hits of his contemporaries, but his own music kind of hovers more in the sensetively romantic range.  Not that that’s a bad thing; his lyrics are strong and his flow has personality.  Think Tablo with less street edge.

His latest track might signal a potential change in his style as this one has a little more banger in its soul than his previous releases.  Featuring frequent collaborator Swings, the video features the rapper drinking in the club with a bunch of ladies.  The pace of this track is a little faster than normal (for him) and, we venture to guess, that the lyrics might be a little more straightforward and clubby this time around.  It would be a nice departure if he could speed things up every now and again as it offers the listener a more dynamic listening experience and keeps the interest engaged.

Translated subtitles will be available soon.