While the first #LoveJo was more R&B in its sound, the latest edition is mostly upbeat and pop, fusing JoJo’s more old school sound with production that can handle her verbose vocals.  The songstress doesn’t hold back as she belts out these songs with emotion and energy.  It’s the kind of pop that doesn’t feel overly bubblegum but still maintains accessibility.  The brief set also contains what can only be a dance remix of Soul II Soul’s Back 2 Life, which really shows JoJo’s ability to adlib with confidence while keeping her tone strong and not overdoing it.  There is also a remake of her own track, Thinking Out Loud, from 2013’s Agápē, that shows the growth that she’s had in less than three years.

Our favorite track is When Love Hurts because she has a great balance of production, vocals, and lyrical competence.

Our only complaint is that we can’t download it.