Featuring the single Put It On Me, Austin Mahone seems to have decided to skip the album (for now) and deliver an 18-track freelease that is likely meant to serve as his transition from clean-cut Disney star to adulthood.  While the songs still have that young Bieber innocence in spots, the choice of guest stars and the lyrics that suggest (and in some cases spell out) more than just childhood crushes is a little more Chris Brown and keeps this from feeling too juvenile for listeners over the age fifteen.  The production for every track is strong and varied enough to keep you interested in that alone, though Mahone’s voice is more than passible.

The Bieber/Brown comparison also works when trying to describe Mahone’s vocal style for the tracks as he seems to channel both singers at different times.  Even his inflections seems to directly be taken from the two and, while it works here and is somewhat forgivable considering his age and the fact that he’s trying to find his way musically, it does feel, at times that we’re listening to music meant for someone else.

Despite that, though, we found ourselves enjoying this one.  It’s a little on the long side (no interludes in those 18 tracks), but it has the kind of track flow that makes it something you can play for a wide audience without too many people rolling their eyes.

Our clear favorite is On Your Way, which has to be one of sweetest ways to suggest a one-night stand that we’ve ever heard.

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