This is a little different from Miss Badu…but only a little.

Working with a more hip-hop beat and declaring that “this is for Aubrey,” Erykah Badu gives us a more melodic version of trap that works for her.  The repetition of the line I can make you put your phone down may smack of laziness to some and out of character for the type of music that she usually does, but it’s really not.  Anyone who remember her classic track Back In The Day from 2003’s Worldwide Underground knows that song has a minimalist lyrics but she uses them effectively.  By comparison, this track actually has more lyrical content than that one, it’s just the repetition of one line.  The song has a different timber than her normal songs, but it’s by no means awful.

This is the second single from the singer’s upcoming mixtape, But You Caint Use My Phone.  It’s expected out Thanksgiving weekend.  No word on whether this will be an actual mixtape or a pay release.