You may have thought that we decided not post on your track/EP/mixtape/album because you haven’t heard from us.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We listen to all submissions and send out response emails once we decided whether or not to write a post, add you to one of our music streams (SoundCloud, AudioMack), and/or tweet about you.

What has happened is that someone posted a link to our form over at PushPowerPromo, Twitter, Reddit, and few other sites and we got inundated with 10 times more submissions over the course of the next two months than normal.  Because we don’t write people off if we’ve never heard of them before or we just don’t know much about their style of music, it can take some time to sort things out.

Also, PowerPushPromo submitters have had an odd issue that their individual submissions got lumped together as large groups from three different email addresses.  That means we have only begun to sort out who has been heard and who hasn’t.  We’ve gotten a handle on it, but it will delay replies.

We love it when you share our submission link, though; it lets us hear so many different voices and styles.  Keep it up and be patient.  We promise you will be heard.

The Management (Kel)