Okay, South Korea…why are you sleeping on Stephanie?

Starting off with an echoing, EDM production, Stephanie brings her nice vocals and get-with-me attitude to the first track off her recently released EP, Top Secret.  At this point, we expect nothing but good vocals from the singer as she matches the tenor of the beatwork with ease without melding into it.  The electro-trap beat of the chorus brings a lot of thump to what could have been a run-of-the-mill dance track and broadens the audience appeal.  L.Joe of Teen Top takes on the rap verse and does a pretty good job of it (from what we can tell).

And while L.Joe doesn’t appear in the somewhat stripped down visual, you really don’t miss him as Stephanie is serving enough for all.

Lyrical translation courtesy of JpopAsia.

even though it brushes by my neck a gaze that attracts me
you watch me deeper than a red lipstick
even if you pretend that you look away and turn your head I know you want me
come a bit closer, it’s okay
this night won’t come again

Close your eyes so that you can feel me tonight
woo baby dance with me don’t stop
put your hands above your head, tonight trust me tonight
turn up the volume louder

higher, higher
higher, higher
higher, higher
a bit more higher, you take my breathe away you got a baby higher higher
with me, a bit more hotly always be right there

Like you’re infatuated, you look at me vacantly
your woman will get jealous?
even though you try to pretend that you have no interest, I know you want me
shout out louder that you love me
this night won’t come again



My dear, tonight we are lovers, tomorrow it’s obvious that we will go our separate ways
I’m a bit shameless, even if you stop me now it’s already late
get on baby don’t space out, now you are infatuated
why are you sticking onto me? Ah if you’re like this, I can’t stand it, you are a bit sexy
the night will be hot, if you’re ready tell me Rocket launcher
launch fire