If you follow our SoundCloud stream, we sometimes add tracks by producer/writer/rapper NVMX.  His production is really good, check him out if you haven’t already.

His latest track, Outa My Head, is about him trying to drink the memory of a woman out of his mind.  The production is dark with it’s mixture of softer melodic elements and deeper trap style is a nice combination that makes this more than just a breakup song.  He switches between singing and rapping, but his vocals are actually better than most rappers who do this, so we don’t mind at all.  The lyrics, while straightforward for this type of track, feel honest and convey some real-life love/sex issues that an audience can relate to.

This somewhat a departure from the style of track that we usually get from him, which more raucous and hard with their vibe.  This does, however, show a versatility that some artists and producers, especially in hip-hop, can be afraid to show.