“I remember when Omarion got signed to Rick Ross’s label Maybach Music and I was very skeptical, I actually thought it was a terrible artist signing, and this was a result of the quality of the music he released prior to becoming Maybach O. The music he has released since his signing has been phenomenal having turned me from a serious skeptic to a growing fan. I’m thinking he gain creative control of his music with Maybach which could explain this wonderful turn around. Keep doing you Omarion.”

WillCollection sums up what a lot of people who are more familiar with Omarion during his B2K days would think about him.  While there were lot of tracks during his solo years that were really good (Ice Box, O, Midnight, etc.), a lot of it felt focus-grouped to death, likely do to the fact that Omarion came up as an artist at the rise of “the algorhythm” being used to determine or craft singles.

Sweet Anita is the kind of track that shows what the singer is now, a grown man about to have his second child.  While it is likely that this track was finished be for he and his girlfriend April found out about the new baby, the inclusion of the sounds of (we assume) his son on the track makes its release poignant.  About a player realizing that his deeper feelings for a woman, the balance of sweetness and street in this track is perfect.  There is nothing particularly sappy about this song; it’s an honest assessment of emotion from someone who may not be used to expressing it like this.  The singer’s falsetto is a great match for the ethereal yet bass-heavy production, giving it distinction as well as creating a harmonizing effect with the production.

If there is one downside it’s that the lyrics, while strong in content, can be a little hard to understand depending on your listening preference (headphones versus speakers).

This is the first single from Omarion’s upcoming album Reasons, due out October 23.