Born in Osaka and raised in Okinawa, Meira Alaha is a fan of 70’s funk and R&B.  Nowhere are her R&B influences more on display than in her new single, Crave.

The track jumps out of you right from the beginning thanks to it’s seductive production.  Once Alaha starts singing, the track comes to full fruition as her tone is the right mix of confident and seductive that makes a slow jam like this work.  While we can’t get the full brunt of the lyrics thanks to the song’s bilingual nature, what we can understand does work pretty well, even if there are a couple of times that words are out of order.  The lyrics are not anything stellar in content, but they convey the point of the track understandably.

If you want to hear more from her, check out the singer’s YouTube page.

While a good part of the song is in English, we’ll try to have fully translated lyrics for you as soon as possible.