Kat Graham’s new album, Roxbury Drive, is out today and we thought we’d highlight that fact by posting on one of our favorite new tracks (yes; a review is forthcoming on Tueday).

Secrets was co-written and co-produced by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, who also puts in work on the background vocals and is about the suggestion that true intimacy with a person means knowing their deepest thoughts and secrets, not just their body.  The guitar-driven, pop ballad has a bit of an 80s Prince feel to it at times, but it never feels dated.  Graham’s vocals sell this song with her soft, yet emotion-filled deliver that feels like she’s pleading with her (potential) lover to really get to know her before the things he doesn’t know drives them apart.  The lyrics are solid and portray the theme in an interesting way that is both sensual yet benign in intent.